Morbid Munchies

There are TONS of cute, creepy or otherwise disgusting Halloween treats out there, but I chose these for their simplicity and young-adult friendliness.  For the original (and slightly more complicated) recipes as well as some other nasty nibbles, this site is my favorite collection of Halloween treats.

Mummy Crackers

     -    Ritz crackers (or similar)
     -    pizza sauce
     -    shredded mozzarella cheese
     -    black olives or small mushrooms     (like enoki)

1.   Spread Ritz crackers out on a baking sheet
2.   Spoon a little pizza sauce on each cracker
3.   Place sliced olives or upside down mushroom tops/caps as eyes
4.   Layer pieces of shredded mozzarella so that it looks like mummy bandages
5.   Pop in the oven (350oF/180oC) for just a couple minutes until the cheese just starts to melt. 

Witches' Finger Cookies

-     prepared cookie dough 
      (peanut butter or 
      sugar works best)
-     almonds

1.   Roll a tablespoon-sized ball of dough into an oblong, about three inches long and half an inch in diameter.
2.   Pinch the dough twice to form a knuckle and lightly flatten (see image below).  
    *important: exaggerate the shape and do not flatten much (if at all) as the dough will spread out while it bakes
3.   Push an almond into the end of each as a pointy fingernail and use a knife to cut a couple scratches in the knuckle like wrinkles (I didn’t do this in mine—so you won’t see it in the picture—but I wish I had)
4.   Bake according to dough instructions (usually 350oF/180oC  for about 10min) keeping a close eye so that they don’t burn. 
5.   Remove from oven and let cool before removing from cookie sheet.

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